Wiring diagram of a solar power Station

Single Phase Solar Power Monitoring

For a complete monitoring of a single-phase SES, one three-line (three-phase) smart-MAC power meter D103-2 is required, the cost of equipment is 147 euros. Watch prom.ua »

The general wiring diagram of an energy monitor in a single-phase SES is lower.

Three Phase Solar Power Monitoring

For the integrated monitoring of three-phase SES you will need:

  • Energomonitor D103-12 (3 phase, advanced) - 1 pc.
  • Energomonitor D103-11 (3-phase, standard) - 1 pc

When purchasing equipment for monitoring 3-phase SES, a special price for the set is valid: $ 295.

The general wiring diagram of power monitors in a three-phase SES is lower.

Comprehensive monitoring of the generation / consumption and sale
of electricity at the "green tariff" for a three-phase connection based
on two smart meters smart TAK D103 (3-line, extended version)

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