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d105 - как подключить больше одного датчика температуры?

Passatijy 4 hours ago in Equipment • updated by Support Manager 2 hours ago 1


В документации указано что к smart-MAC D105 на контакт 4 можно подключить "Устройство позволяет подключить максимально 5 датчиков температуры типа DS18x20 или один
датчик температуры и влажности

- но не указано как это сделать. Насколько я вижу по датчикам - например мастеркитовский Герметичный датчик температуры DS18B20+

  • Интерфейс 1-wire
  • Красный провод + U пит.
  • Черный провод - GND
  • Желтый провод - данные

но не понятно куда какой провод, и что делать к примеру со вторым или третьим датчиком. 


MQTT: no traffic to server

Mauro 2 weeks ago in Equipment • updated by Support Manager 1 week ago 2

I just configured the device.

I enabled mqtt server config wit username and password.

Unfortunately in mqtt logs I cannot see the username from the smart-mac but just:

1557525454: New connection from on port 1883.
1557525454: Sending CONNACK to (0, 5)
1557525454: Socket error on client , disconnecting.


The remote location of current transformers

Виталий 2 months ago in Equipment • updated by Александр 4 weeks ago 2

Question 1. Is it possible to connect a CT, for example for D103, from the device itself at a distance of about 10 m? This is due to the location of the electrical panel and access to the input line. If so, what cable is necessary?

Question 2. Is it possible that two CTs work in parallel on one phase with one device of type D103 (for example, the same phase is divided into two lines and you need to know the amount of electricity consumption from both)


Updates for single-phase devices D101

Support Manager 1 year ago in Equipment • updated 1 month ago 5

In the comments under this post will appear information about updates for single-phase energy monitors D101.

Enjoy measurements!


Firmware Updates for smart-MAC D105

Support Manager 3 months ago in Equipment 0

FW Update 0.27 int 9 27/02/2019

  • Analog input sensitivity increased in 4 times. Measurement from 0V to 15V with two digits.